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Dr. Bezilla is available for Holistic Health & Fitness Coaching!


Dr. Bezilla has developed and is teaching a 100-hour Foundation course in Holistic Manual Therapy!


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Dr. Bezilla's updated 2nd Edition of Holistic Manual Therapy & Osteopathy is now available to purchase as a soft-cover book from Amazon.  It is revised and expanded with additional information, including more information on assessment and treatment.


Dr. Bezilla's book Innovative Exercise is now available for purchase as an e-book through Amazon's Kindle as well as in print version. It discusses and demonstrates creative ways of exercising wherever and whenever you want.  It is written for personal trainers, health and fitness enthusiasts, and for anyone that wants to get into better shape in a safe, effective, and efficient manner.


If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this book in print form, please contact Dr. Bezilla directly.


There are also some videos posted as Fitness Challenges that demonstrate some of the concepts and content contained in the book.  Please follow the YouTube link available on this website to easily find and view them.

Helpful Tips

Dr. Bezilla will periodically put helpful health and fitness tips here.

Getting into Shape
Dr. Bezilla gives some helpful tips to get into shape for spring and summer (or any time).
Fitness Tip 1.pdf
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Training Smarter not Harder
Dr. Bezilla discusses the importance of intelligent exercise training.
Fitness Tip 2.pdf
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Apples versus Pears
Dr. Bezilla discusses the differences between apple and pear shapes in people, what it means, and what may be done about it.
Fitness Tip 3.pdf
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What Body Type Are You?
Dr. Bezilla discusses the different body types called somatotypes.
Fitness Tip 4.pdf
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Why Exercise?
Dr. Bezilla discusses some good reasons to exercise.
Fitness Tip 5.pdf
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