Dr. Bezilla's Workshops: Diversified and Customized for You

Dr. Bezilla provides a wide selection of workshops and seminars. He has something for everyone interested in Holistic Manual Therapy, Osteopathy, Holistic Health, Nutrition, Exercise Science and Fitness.  Whether you are an experienced practitioner, student, or someone that just wants to know more about the body, Dr. Bezilla can help you learn more about these topics.

Workshop Overview

Holistic Manual Therapy, Levels 1-4.  This is a 100-hour Foundation course developed by Dr. Bezilla.  Each level is currently taught as a 25-hour, 3-day course. Each level must be taken in sequence.  After successful completion of each level, a certificate of attendance is given.  After all levels are completed, a CAQ-HMT is earned.  CAQ-HMT = Certificate of Additional Qualification in Holistic Manual Therapy.  This is a registered designation only available through completion of this Foundation course in Dr. Bezilla's HMT.


Each level addresses: HMT theory, indications, contraindications, safety, and teaches general and specific applications based on the topic of instruction. Those attending will learn safe, effective, and efficient methods of manual treatment which may be immediately applied into their practice.


  • Level-1 Consists of the Fundamentals of HMT - Philosophy, assessments, and various treatment methods.  This includes an immersive exploration and integration of the following manual technique methods: Cranial-Sacral, Ligamentous Articular Strain/Balanced Ligamentous Tension, and Positional Release approaches.
  • Level-2 Consists of a continuation of the Fundamentals of HMT, with an immersive exploration and integration of the following manual technique methods: Muscle Energy/P.N.F., Neuromyofascial release, Oscillatory release, Lymphatic, Reflex-mediated, and Visceral release.
  • Level-3 Consists of applying HMT into integrative regional and whole-body approaches.  This includes an immersive review and further exploration into the principles, concepts, and techniques previously addressed.
  • Level-4 Consists of a continued exploration of the applications previously addressed, with emphasis on combining all regions into a whole-body integration methodology.

Interested in taking Dr. Bezilla's HMT Foundation course?
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