Dr. Bezilla's Workshops: Diversified and Customized for You

Dr. Bezilla provides a wide selection of workshops and seminars. He has something for everyone interested in Holistic Manual Therapy and Osteopathy, Holistic Health, Nutrition, Exercise Science and Fitness.  Whether you are an experienced practitioner, student, or someone that just wants to know more about the body, Dr. Bezilla can help you learn more about these topics.

Workshop Overview

Explorations in Holistic Manual Therapy, Levels I - IV workshops consists of one-day, hands-on workshops designed for the manual practitioner and students of manual therapy.


Each educational workshop addresses: theory, indications, contraindications, safety, and teaches general and specific applications based on the topic of instruction. Those attending will learn safe, effective, and efficient methods of manual treatment which may be immediately applied into their practice.


  • Level-I workshops teach individual techniques - theory, methods, and applications
  • Level-II workshops addresses specific regions of the body and integrates the use of various techniques and treatment approaches to address common issues in that region
  • Level-III workshops consolidates different technique approaches according to their commonalities and teaches their best-use applications
  • Level-IV workshops deals with special populations and provides by request, custom-designed workshops that are not offered otherwise

Interested in taking one of Dr. Bezilla's HMT workshops?
If you have additional questions or would like to register for a workshop, please contact Dr. Bezilla at info@drbezilla.com