Osteopathic Principles & Practices

These one-day workshops are designed for students and/or practitioners of Osteopathy and Osteopathic Medicine. They are designed to be taken in the following sequence for maximum benefit.


  • (1) Explorations into Palpation

This workshop explores palpation and the information that may be obtained and transmitted through palpation. The concept and applications of a cybernetic loop is explored. The concept and applications of stimulation and inhibition by touch is explored. The concept and applications of integration are explored


  • (2) Explorations into Structure and Function

This workshop explores the relationships between structure and function. It explores the theoretical and clinical applications of the concepts of tensegrity and mechanotransduction as they relate to Osteopathic manual treatment. The theory of the Osteopathic lesion is addressed as are the concepts of Physiologic and Osteopathic centers. Methods of bringing the body into a homeodynamic balance through integration and coordination are explored.


  • (3) Explorations of The Practitioner – Advanced Practitioner Assessment

This workshop explores the individual participant - identifying strengths and weaknesses in their clinical work. Additionally, the participants will be assessed to identify existing and potential problems in their bodies.



Additionally, custom made Osteopathic workshops are available by request to address specific topics or issues that are otherwise not addressed. Osteopathic study groups may also be requested and scheduled for sharing and tutoring.